MrMrsGi Flower Blends – Midsommar

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Ingredients – Sun Dried Sindhoori Marigold, Rose.

Net Weight – 10g or 30g.


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10g, 30g

1 review for MrMrsGi Flower Blends - Midsommar

  1. Ashwini

    One of my favourite blend from Gi is midsommar. This smells amazing by the way and is quite smooth. Can be smoked as it is or can be mixed with greens but if you want a refreshing sesh , I suggest you just smoke the blend. It’s quite refreshing and elevates your mood. I tried it as a tea as well but I prefer smoking this blend rather than drinking it as a tea. There’s no after taste and definitely it doesn’t smell as if you have just smoked, which happens in case of tobacco. Overall a good drink paired with a j made up of midsommar is quite relaxing. Thank you to Mr and Mrs Gi for coming up with this blend.

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